Quilled Mountain Bluebird Greeting Card

Quilled Mountain Bluebird Greeting Card

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Our Mountain Bluebird quilled greeting card features this stunning species with striking blue feathers sitting on a branch with pink flowers. This bird is known to live out in more open areas, occasionally nesting in the side of cliffs, hence the name.
*State bird of Idaho, Nevada

Each quilled card is beautifully handmade by a highly skilled artisan in Vietnam and takes one hour to create. A quilled card is meant for you to share, treasure as a keepsake, or display as the work of art it is.
Certified Fair Trade Federation Member

Don’t just send a card, send art!

Outside Copy: Blank
Inside Copy: Blank plus additional blank insert to write your own message on
Size: 6 in. x 6 in.
Envelope Color: Light Blue
*Extra postage required for mailing