Cute Cuddly 24" Baby Alpaca doll

Cute Cuddly 24" Baby Alpaca doll

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This is real and ethical fur. No animal cruelty was involved in the harvesting of this fur.

It features hand-stitched plastic bead eyes, threaded mouth and nose.

A great addition for littles as well as for home offices and shelves for the not-so-littles. A little mascot for your day.

Non-itchy, hypoallergenic, silky-smooth. Resistant to pilling and matting. Water and stain-resistant.

Therapy animals bring calm and joy into a space and into your everyday.

Alpacas are used as therapy animals in professional practice.

The huggable alpaca's peaceful disposition makes them a favourite for animal-based therapies.

  • Hand Crafted Genuine White Alpaca Fur plush doll from Peru
  • Natural Color Super Soft and Light 24" Top Quality (Diagonal measurement)
  • Artisan Carmelo Pacompilla Producer in Limited Edition
  • Direct from the Artisan Source these little Alpacas are adorable
  • Lovable & Hug-able 100% Natural Alpaca fur

  • Wipe with a damp cloth & air dry.
  • May brush gently to fluff up.