Larvikite Stone

Larvikite Stone

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[Blue Pearl Granite]

Inner Wisdom & Spiritual Growth

  • repel negative energy
  • see self with kind eyes
  • inspires patience, compassion & common-sense
  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • reveals reality, helps process complex/new information
  • sharpens focus, inner visions
  • strengthens psychic powers & protects travels
  • reconnect with nature
  • helps process & release trauma/pain
  • become more emotionally aware, in-control
  • excellent for students & lifelong learners
  • stimulates creativity

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Earth, Water, Air

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

How to Cleanse Larvikite:

  • place with clear quartz
  • smudge with sage