Selenite Stone

Selenite Stone

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Stone of Purification  

4 inch Raw Selenite

 brings protection, peace, harmony & soul healing

  • highly spiritual- open to higher frequencies & messages from universe
  • shed anxiety & worries
  • promotes clear thinking, awareness of surroundings & lends to better judgment, healthy insight & ability to make the right decisions
    • invites openness, honesty, purity & brings forgiveness
  • good for shifting energy blocks
  • helps with skeletal issues
  • can reverse free-radical damage to cell structure keeps skin, hair & eyes healthy
  • brings flexibility to physical being, helps stack the spine into alignment
  • encourages communication with the angel realms- be ready to receive messages from the universe, used for diving into past lives
    • awakens psychic capabilities, releasing unwanted entities
    • helps move into all kinds of consciousness 

Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Element: Wind

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Etheric

How to Cleanse Selenite:

  • smudge with sage
  • place in a bowl of salt overnight
  • leave in the moonlight overnight, directly outside, no glass between stone & moon
  • place with other crystals for 24 hours
  • ne system, cool fever, heal