Black Trays with Leather Trim

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Wolof women in rural Senegal craft these chic trays from cattail stalks and strips of plastic used in the production of outdoor mats. Each tray is finished with cutout handles and dyed leather banding.

These three nesting trays. Because these are handcrafted items, each will vary slightly.

Small: 11"L x 11"W x 2.5"H
Medium:  14"L x 14"W x 2.75"H
Large:  17"L x 17"W x 3"H

Crafted from:  Cattail stalks, plastic

Made in: Senegal

We believe that hardworking African artisans, producers and export agents hold the key to their own personal success, and that the path to success requires a steady, committed pace. Swahili extends each artisan's channel of trade from local markets to the global marketplace, all the while providing artisans with options to work from the comfort of their own homes and communities. Secure in the knowledge that the fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs and haggled prices, most artisans in the Swahili network promote their family's future by using earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.