Kambaba Jasper Stone

Kambaba Jasper Stone

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Stone for Spiritual Confidence

  • dissolves negative energy, promote positivity
  • cleanses aura
  • helps find emotional balance, bring alignment & wisdom
  • grounding
  • promotes balance during/after intense situations - let go of emotional/mental obsession/trama
  • helps keep calm, focus on what is important
  • can help reduce nightmares

Element: Earth

Chakra: Heart, Root

How to Cleanse Kambaba Jasper:

  • place on selenite overnight to restore & recharge
  • smudge with Sage or palo santo
  • place in a spot where the moonlight or sunlight can shine on them, directly outside, no glass between stone & sun/moon
  • bury in ground, leave at least 24 hours