Stainless Steel Straw Cleaner

Stainless Steel Straw Cleaner

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Our reusable 10″ long straw cleaner is the best way to get all your eco-friendly straws clean! It features a flexible stainless steel twisted handle with white nylon bristles.

For thin straws, either cleaner will work but the thick cleaner is harder to push through.

For thick straws, either cleaner will work but the the thick cleaner will work faster.

Use thick for our safer rounded end straws and our glass straws. 

With this straw cleaner and some hot, soapy water your straw will be good as new and ready to be reused indefinitely.

The thick cleaner works fairly easily on thin straight straws, but for thin bent straws you will find the thin cleaner much easier to use. Bent straws are harder to clean because the cleaner needs to flex while you are pushing it through.

At 10 inches, this straw cleaner is longer than many others on the market, which makes it great for cleaning longer straws.

The stainless steel and nylon materials rinse clean easily, but you can also run this through the dishwasher or boil it for sterilization.

The bristles on the thin are 8mm, and thick are 11mm.

You will also find it useful for cleaning sippy cup parts, pipes, or reusable water bottle lids.