Strawberry Quartz Stone

Strawberry Quartz Stone

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self-love & understanding / joy & abundance

  • balance spiritual & physical self, promote self-love and forgiveness
  • clear mental fog, ground scattered thoughts, stimulate problem-solving skills, enhance critical reasoning
  • be most authentic self
  • ground, secure, contentment
  • represents growth, passion, love & affection
  • attracts positive energy
  • attracts abundance & joy
  • heal emotional wounds, find your soulmate & move forward

Zodiac: Libra

Element: Earth, Fire

Chakra: Heart

How to Cleanse Strawberry Quartz:

  • place outside overnight when the moon is strong to restore & recharge
  • can also cleanse by smudging with palo santo or sage
  • place on selenite
  • bury in soil outside 24 hours