Yellow Aventurine Stone

Yellow Aventurine Stone

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Stone of Action

  • joyful, happy energy
  • attracts laughter
  • invites us to be brave, hopeful & trust that things will work out
  • teaches deep spiritual wisdom of joy
  • encourages relaxation & “working smarter”
  • conduct self with integrity 
  • encourages play & openness to new ideas
  • great for anyone who works with children or people with an adventurous spirit
  • encourages us to take action to solve problems
  • attracts good people
  • recommended when fear of pain is worse than the actual pain - bumps/bruises; fear of doctor/surgery/medical procedures
  • fantastic talisman for anyone with an addiction to pills

Zodiac: Aries, Virgo

Element: Fire, Air, Earth

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

How to Cleanse Yellow Aventurine:

  • place on selenite overnight to restore & recharge
  • can also cleanse by smudging
  • place in a spot where the moonlight or sunlight can shine on them, directly outside, no glass between stone & sun/moon